Here are the links to some of the stories we’ve covered on the Chris Voice Live!!! Show:

ChrisVoice Live!!! Show #12
JimmEee called in from Jittery Joe’s Coffee in Athens, Georgia. We opened the show with an original composition by Drew Dawson Davis entitled ‪To Me That’s You, but it has been taken off of YouTube, so giving you another link to a Drew Dawson Davis original here is “What Could Have Been”‬.

Drew actually is a voice teacher for those who want to learn about singing. Take a look at the cool stuff he can do. He has made videos, and put them up on YouTube to show you how to do these things. So, CHECK IT OUT!

Here’s a few stories we covered: Man hits burglar with coffee mug, coffee drinking is NOT linked to chronic illness, Millennium Falcon on the ocean floor, and How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy.

ChrisVoice Live!!! Show #11
JimmEee was at KISS Coffee House in Myrthe Beach, South Carolina. We opened the show with a song by vocal artist Vance Perry covering Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, and to bring you up to speed there are a few more that Vance Perry did, check out this link for his other work!September by: Earth, Wind, and Fire , as well as: In My Room by: The Beach Boys , there are quite a few more you will see!

These are a few of the stories we covered in show #11: here’s the story about the Helsinki cafe that you control from your browser and this is the link to the actual coffee shop. A guy dies at an internet cafe and no one notices. This guy went Jedi on customers and cops. And a lesson about drinking from a sailor.

ChrisVoice Live!!! Show #10
JimmEee was at Seattle Coffee Works on Pike Street in Seattle, Washington. We opened the show with The Simpson’s Theme sung entirely vocally by Nick McKaig. Nick also has in his resume The Mission Impossible Theme, so take a listen!

Here are a few of the stories we covered in Show #10: Social media more addictive than alcohol or coffee,  and toilet texting is on the rise.

ChrisVoice Live!!! Show #9
JimmEee was at Bella Rosa Coffee House in Port Angeles, Washington. We opened the show with a song by Cassidy Lynn entitled Down By The Bonfire. If you want to go to her channel on YouTube, click this link and you’ll see all the stuff she’s been working on PLUS!

Just a few stories we put into Show #9: Starbucks expands beer and wine sales, Priceline kills off Shatner’s Negotiator, Google says don’t be afraid of us while Gizmodo gives advice on how to dump Google services and a man who was fired over 20 cents. Then we took a trip across the pond and found the Brits worried about cheap chocolate and lots of headaches.

ChrisVoice Live!!! Show #8
JimmEee was at Bogarts Coffee House in Seal Beach California. We talked about the Leap Second, toilet-safe smart phones, the hand-crank computers that will be distributed by One Laptop, the Pet Tracker, the 3D replicator, and Bing vs Google for web searches.

ChrisVoice Live!!! Show #7
JimmEee was in Hernando Florida at Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters. One of the topics we discussed was the YouTube video of the squirrel that likes to paint. We also had a stories about New Years resolutions and the 2012 Geek Calendar.

ChrisVoice Live!!! Show #6
Our musical guest today was YouTube artist Jen Lawson, click her link and see what she’s done recently! JimmEee was at the Starbucks on East Wacker in Chicago. We talked about Inhaling Secondhand Coke, germs on airplanes, and the Beach Boys reunion.

ChrisVoice Live!!! Show #5
JimmEee was visiting the Caribou Coffee Shop in Souix Falls, South Dakota. We didn’t save all our links this week, but here’s the story about the “Elvis” monkey and the woman who was making meth in a Walmart.

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