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Questions and Answers in voice work:

“People tell me all the time that I should get into voice over work, they say I have a great voice”

Whether you’re getting into voice work because of other people giving your compliments on your voice, or you’re truly interested in exploring the opportunities in the voice over world, one thing is for certain. If you’re disciplined, you can do voice work and make money on either a part time basis, or full time job.
Mostly people want to do voice over work because they want to get into animation. However there are other things they can do with funny voices like answering messages, video game voices, ect.
This all takes imagination, and work. It can get to be easier and easier as you go, but digging in starts when you decide you want this work.
The father of voice acting, Don La Fontain has put his kids through school, bought several properties, and many other things such as hob-knobbing with the rich and famous in Hollywood just because of his voice acting. After he left the industry, several others stepped in to take his place, and voice acting began to be segregated to only a few individuals. Now voice work is available to anyone with internet access, and a place to record.
Voice acting is a wide industry, but there is plenty of room for more voices. there are communities and groups all over the world who welcome voice actors.  If you specialize in in a certain kind of voice work, you can become good at it. After some time in your lessons, you can see what you’re good at.  Chris will take you through a full variation of different projects that clients may be looking for. Certain projects will allow you to build your portfolio so that the next client can be impressed with what you’re about.

One set of lessons will help you understand what working as a voice actor is really about, while another set of lessons can help you market yourself to almost any prospective client.

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