Chris is both a Voice Over Artist and a Copywriter / PR Specialist

Born and raised in the USA, Chris joined the circus and traveled the USA from age 17 to 20. He learned how to work on the trapeze, walk the tightrope, and even swallow swords.

At 21 years, Chris moved to Tennessee and learned how to dive over the cliffs of the Hiwassee River at 200 feet high. “It was a great way of overcoming my fear of heights,” Chris said.

Chris joined the Navy in 1986 and was discharged honorably in 1992. He served as an aviation boatswain and later transferred into a Helicopter Combat division called HC-9 (Anytime Baby!) on the North Island Base section of Coronado Bay, California. After it disbanded in 1990, to finish out his enlistment commitment, he was temporarily assigned to an active reserve (SAM) unit on Mira Mar Naval Air Station, otherwise known as “Fighter Town USA” the base that some scenes of the movie “Top Gun” were filmed.

At 26 years old, he moved to the city of San Diego, California, and began new adventures with finding children that had been kidnapped. Finding his career in undercover and covert operations, he began to understand the world can be a cruel place.

Now at 56 years and retired, his passion for adventure has not stopped, in fact, he feels it has only just begun. Chris would like to share his adventures with all his friends through his stories and writings.

We hope you enjoy his imagination and personal accounts through his books, voice-over work, audiobooks, and Copywriter abilities so much that you’ll come back for more. Please feel free to make comments and let us know if you have enjoyed or not enjoyed his books as we continue to improve our website and add other writers to our offerings.


If you’re interested in getting voice samples, or have questions about copywriting for your project, please fill out the form and Chris will get back to you as soon as possible.